Tuesday, September 14, 2010

US Visit: Trip to SF and staying at Dad's new place

My first week at home is when Maria came to visit. First stop: typical tourist trip to San Francisco! Shopping, good food, good company...then we stayed at my Dad's new house for a couple of nights.

Shopping for clothes that I will never use in Burkina but will use when I come back home in 2011. Haha!

In front of H&M in SF with my two best friends.

Manhattan clam chowder, spicy buffalo wings and a salad. All with a SF bay view!

I love chocolate. mmmmm...

Dad's delicious home cooking!

Krispy Kreme's original donut while driving...

Thai food in SF.

Aren't my friends just beautiful? =)

At my Dad's new place, he grows many of his vegetables in his backyard. So good! It reminds me of when my brother and I were little and had this huge backyard with all these different vegetables and fruits.

Getting boba with Gina. We've been doing this since high school!

...and so my US trip continues...

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