Sunday, September 12, 2010

US Visit: Arriving at SFO and Grandma's Birthday with the fam!

Okay, with inconsistent internet access (and a SLOW connection at that with this stupid French keyboard), it's taking me a while to post all these pictures from my trip home...

Finally arriving at SFO on September 9, I spent a couple of days chilling with the family. Then Maria and Phil flew in a couple of days after and spent the week with me (more pictures from our SF trip in my next blog post).

One of the big reasons I came home was because of my Grandma's birthday. I love you, Grandma!

Okay, enjoy the pictures and expect the next one to be up in a couple of months, haha!

Grandma and Lolo welcoming me at the airport. <3

Mom, Dad, Benji and I.

Best! Look at us in white and we didn't even mean to coordinate!


Filipino family gatherings are the best. Why? Well look at all this food!

Skyping with Mar in Chicago, haha!

The original four -- David, Michelle, Maureen and I! <3

Tita Imelda and Gumby with Mom and Benji. We love our dogs!

Platano's in Berkeley. I love El Salvadorean food. Mmmmm...pupusas with curdito and friend plaintains on the side with sour cream and refried beans. My mouth is watering!

Mom cooking her Sinigang soup with shrimp. Yum!

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