Thursday, September 30, 2010

US Visit: The rest of my time home/in the Bay

I want to first preface this entry and mention it took me multiple, multiple trips to the Internet cafe in a span of a couple of months to get this damn entry posted. So the following pictures pretty much round out my trip back home! Enjoy!
California Pizza Kitchen...where oddly I don't get pizza but small side dishes instead. Go figure.

Rooobbbbeerrrrtttt....copying my hair style!

With some of the LMU fam at the Castro, SF.

BOILING CRAB. mmmmm. Shrimp in the whole sha-bang sauce (spices, lemon pepper, etc.) with lemon juice/salt & pepper dip, sweet potato fries and root beer. I'm in heaven. Seriously.

Bubba! We've had here since I was in 8th grade. haha! I figured if I put in 20 pictures of Benji, I need to put in at least one of Bubba.

At Santana Row in San Jose for Mom's birthday.

Eating some of my favorite Chinese food: Westlake beef egg drop soup and Hong Kong pan-fried combination noodles from China House. Mmmmm!

Oh Benji! The best driving companion ever.

Taking Benji to the dog park!

Japanese bento box. Yum!

With Megan. This picture pretty much describes our friendship! <3

With my other cousin Joanna in downtown Davis. She's all grown up!

Hey, Golden Gate Bridge, Hey!!

Playing tourist with Sable in SF. I love home!

Getting Thai food in Hercules with Mom and Sable. Soooo good!

Mimosas in the Castro!

With Sable and Kristi a.k.a. Ma in SF. These two are some amazing women who are off to do great things in this world!

With David and Tin-Tin a.k.a. Joanna, my cousin. I'm so blessed to have such a beautiful family!

The family having dinner at Emeryville. <3

David sporting the gift I gave him: a Burkina Faso soccer jersey!

My Dad playing the balafon (African xylophone) that I brought back home.

With my ading, Felicia. <3

Dad in front of his new house with Daisy, his dog. She's so nice!

PaGiMa and I at a Thai restaurant in Berkeley. Man, friends since high school. I feel old just thinking about it!

Benji Boy and Mom. I really love this picture!
Much needed dinner/talk with Rubes at Platano's in Berkeley. A fellow world traveler/random adventure-seeker. <3>
Some of the things that I brought back with me. Take note of all the food!

Evidence of how much I've shopped during my short stay home. And these aren't even all the bags! Oyyy...some old habits never die.
The immediate family saying farewell to me at SFO. See you in a year!

The little bro and I. Probably the coolest person I know. True story!

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MeganElizabeth said...

Michael!! I love it that you posted that pic of us!! It's so cute and so true that it perfectly captures our friendship! LOL and I love your "evidence"... many H&M bags... totally you!!! haha <3