Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's 2011 hiking in Dogon country, Mali!

Check out the water sachets in Mali!

Cliffs in Dogon with the dwellings of the Tellum and Dogon people. Insane!

Happy Birthday Leslie! Substituting a cake for a plate of fries...and a candle for a simple match. You make do with what you have!

Every night, we slept on top of rooftops. But boy, was it chilly! Look at us all bundled up with the hats that Leslie knit for us. You'd never guess we're in West Africa!

New Year's Eve...we made it to the top. We met some Americans along the way and they let us borrow their "Happy New Year's" hats for this picture. So nice! haha


About to descend.

Initially very scary to climb down these but overall, very awe-inspiring! We don't have anything like this in Burkina!

Such a happy picture amongst the cliffs. Seriously, the best descent ever!

The group amongst the sand dunes.

Hiking amongst the sand dunes. This picture screams Africa, si?

Doesn't this picture look insane?!

Colette and I. You were missed, Devin!

...we needed this (a map of Mali) during our whole trip but only got a hold of it at the last day of our trip. Haha!

More pictures can be found on my Facebook album since it takes forever to upload pictures here in Burkina Faso

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MeganElizabeth said...

Wow that looks like an awesome hiking trip!! My cousin Max studied abroad in Mali! Those are some great pictures!! Fun! :)