Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas home!

If anything, Lolo's passing has brought our family closer together again. And what better time than for Christmas (which also happens to be the wedding anniversary of my grandparents!).

Normally I spend Christmas Eve with my Mom's side in Milpitas and Christmas Day with my Dad's side in Daly City, so this year was no different...except for the feeling of it all. The holiday spirit, if you will. It just didn't feel the same but I was still grateful to be with family (and in the presence of copious amounts of food! Let's be and food.) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...enjoy! And Happy Holidays to all of you!

When we took Grandma to the Missionaries of Charity convent in San Francisco to drop off Tita Talin, the sisters were joking around with Grandma. So cute!

At Miles' birthday dinner with some of the LMU IB fam. <3

One of my favorite aunts, Tita Freda and I after getting breakfast at this really good place not too far from my house. Mmmm!

Mom's side of the family during Christmas Eve in Milpitas.

The grandchildren with Grandma. Looking good, fam!

Grandma and Mom with her brothers and sister.

David and I with Grandma on Christmas Eve! <3

Visiting Lolo's grave one last time before heading back to Burkina Faso.

The interior of the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland. Really gorgeous!

Some of Mom's side of the family during Christmas Day mass at Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland. Such a beautiful cathedral!

Dad with his gift. He's been talking about getting a digital camera for so long, so David and I finally got him one.

My niece Lexi and I. So cute!

Dad's side of the family on Christmas Day!

David, Dad and I at Christmas Day.

Dropping off Tita Talin at the airport. Such a great picture! See you in 2017 and good luck training the Missionaries of Charity novitiates in the Philippines.

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MeganElizabeth said...

Great pictures Michael! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself at home! :)