Thursday, January 27, 2011

African sunsets and baby Grace-Victoire.

Here in Burkina Faso, there are many things that just make me happy. After a busy week/weekend planning and executing the Weekend Girls' Camp, it was nice to just be back at site and just take everything in again.
As of late, I've noticed the sunsets have been unusually nice lately. And because they set right behind my house, I've always been inclined to walk outside and stare, even if the window for a good sunset can be as little as a few minutes (once I was walking outside and saw a really great sunset, went inside to look for my camera and it took a couple of minutes, finally found it, went outside and saw the sun already set!).
Part of it might be because I believe I officially am at the last 6 months of my service. So I think I'm just trying to take everything in because while I am excited to return home, I know that -- at least hearing about other Volunteers who have returned back home -- you'll definitely miss aspects of your service, Burkina Faso, the people, etc.
I thought I should also share these pictures of my neighbor's baby, Grace-Victoire. She can finally walk now and talks gibberish ALL THE TIME, especially when she's sees me! It's hilarious because we have raised porches and whenever she's on her porch, I'm on mine and she sees me, she'll start to babble away in gibberish. Perhaps she wants to learn English? haha

This photo probably best describes her personality. Always laughing! Look how cute that is. =)

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