Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gardening & Girls' Clubs!

As I mentioned in my last blog entry about work starting off a bit on the wrong foot, the first trimester of your second year as a GEE PCV is still a bit of a trial. Don't get me wrong, I feel very comfortable at site and feel like I know what I have to's just a matter of doing it with all this protocol and such which is the difficult thing.

I eventually got started around the middle of November to at least get the ball rolling. As of late, I've been branching out and doing activities with other schools. Jean, my counterpart, needed help with his school garden (his primary school is about 2km from my house) so I provided some financial support to get the appropriate seeds and also helped with organizing all the kids and such. Lots of fun! I'll be coming in every week and we even have a little section for Moringa to educate the kids on its importance and how it can provide great nutritional value to their food.

Jean teaching the kids how to properly care for the soil.

Jean and I.

Jean and I with most of the kids from his CM1 and CM2 classes.

I've had a couple more activities with the school (alphabet project, an English & Cultures of the World club, baby weighings at the CSPS, etc.) but sadly, no pictures (yet!). I do have pictures from my CM1 Girls' Club which I've started again. The girls this year are different from last year's girls...a little more reserved and it's taking a little longer to explain the importance of Life Skills. Aicha, Madame Ouattara's daughter, is part of my Girls' Club and one of my chefs (club leaders) which is great because she understands my French and can explain things to the girls when they don't really understand my explanations. I will say that these girls are turning into really great soccer players which I'm really excited about!

Same format -- Life Skills, English and Soccer every Thursday!


Ali helping me lead the girls in soccer.

The girls divided into two teams, ready to duke it out!

Aicha leading the pack!!

Come January, Jon and I are planning a joint weekend Girls' Camp with his CM1 Girls' Club and my CM1 Girls' Club. I'm really excited for this! We live so close to each other -- why not do more collaborative work together, especially as GEE volunteers?! One weekend we'll be at his site and the next weekend, we'll be at my site. The greatest part is that the girls will be able to meet each other, many of whom have never been farther than 5km from their houses in their lives. So updates on that soon!

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MeganElizabeth said...

The girls are so cute! That looks like a blast! :) Wow, I didn't know that they do not travel far. That's so wonderful that you are providing these girls with such great opportunities!