Sunday, July 3, 2011

Visiting Jon's site for the last time.

To think that my Peace Corps service is coming to an end is absolutely insane. And slowly but surely, I've been starting to say my goodbyes.

Jon and I have been living pretty much next to each other for the past two years (he's my closest volunteer neighbor only 15km away), so naturally I got to know many of the people at his site. I also came by to help Jon out with his final activity -- a Girls' Soccer Event/Competition for the primary school girls in his nearby villages. There was a big party for the hosting village that night, but prior to that, workers from the village medical clinic came and gave a presentation on HIV/AIDS to educate the community.

Jon in front of this huge tree. Believe it or not, but we're standing on top of a traditional Lobi house made of mud. No joke!

The soccer teams assembling and getting ready.

Action shot!

Jon with his primary school girls and their teacher, giving a little pep talk.

What event in our area would be complete without dolo (local village beer)?

Jon and crossword puzzles. A match made in heaven.

Workers from the village medical clinic giving a presentation on HIV/AIDS, specifically prevention: how to properly put on a condom.

Look at all that food being prepared in those HUGE pots!

Traditional Lobi music played. What you see are balafons (kind of like African xylophones).

Jon with his girls, the teacher and his counterpart, Papa.

Presenting awards to the winning teams.

Surprise thank you speech to Jon from his community. So adorable!

Picture completely indicative and telling of a typical day with 'Jikey' -- Jon reaching for the camera from a kid gone crazy, one of his girls sitting next to him, me reacting very strongly to the dolo and your friendly, neighborhood 'fou' (crazy person). =)

Mmmm... tô...

Eat up!

With Jon's neighbor, like our pseudo-grandma.

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