Thursday, July 14, 2011


Now that Grace is walking, talking (okay, maybe mumbling random sounds) and has the curiosity of any 2-year old, she always walks over to my porch to see what I'm up to. So adorable! And she has a name for me. She can't call me Michael so she calls me something that resembles Michael but sounds more like "Tee-tah." I'm cool with that! She's growing up to be quite the personality. I can already see, she'll probably be the comedian of her class.

Grace doing some kind of crazy dance thing. Silly kids!

Trying to play telephone with my cell phone. "Oui, allo? C'est qui?"

You can see Madame Constance (her mom) in the background.

Hahaha, look at her laugh!

Pelagie and Grace with a pile of nere fruit.

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