Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shannon's Birthday at my site!

What better way to spend your birthday with your loving, creative friends, right? Well, let's just say we decided to give Shannon a birthday surprise with an interesting twist...Mexican! With a pinata (made by Brenda and Jane) and some empanadas for dinner. Yum! And instead of doing it Gaoua, everyone decided to come to my house. Sweet. Enjoy the pictures below!

Brenda and I piecing together the pinata. I tell you, folks -- in Burkina Faso, this takes intense creativity to find the materials necessary to build this!

Getting ready to surprise Shannon!

Helping to hoister up the pinata...

Of course, our trusted rock-climber Jon climbs the tree with ease and hangs our pinata for us. I wonder to this day if he wasn't we would have done it.

YES. It was THAT exciting!

Chillin' on my porch...

I swear, every day here is some new, random adventure...even if I'm just at my house with a few friends, celebrating a birthday. Oh, Burkina. =)

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