Thursday, June 11, 2009

Staging in Philadelphia

For all you non-Peace Corps people out there, staging is pretty much like orientation. Think of it as freshman orientation before college -- the awkwardness (and fun) of meeting new people, getting an intro to everything Peace Corps-related, etc.

Staging was the chance to get to know everyone I'd be going to Burkina Faso with for the next two years, three months, PLUS a way to get some good insight into what we'd be doing there...funny to finally meet some of the people I met online at

I arrived late Monday night and was talking with my roommate Coleman about everything. Finally, someone that could relate to many of the same issues I'd been dealing with for the past year! We had staging the following day and ended up doing dinner/a couple of drinks with a few fellow PC trainees.

The following day (Wednesday) we had to get our yellow fever vaccinations and had a couple of hours to kill until our flights departed later that afternoon. Kristi, one of my good friends from LMU, took a bus all the way from NYC to see me off one last time...and in the span of an hour, we ate at a Japanese restaurant and took pictures by the famous "LOVE" sign! A must-do in Philly!

Truly, Kristi is an amazing friend...taking a bus all the way from NYC to see me off one last time. She even brought me Junior's Cheesecake! Whaaaat!

Eventually, we had to part ways. Anywho, I'll leave you with this photo of me and all my excess baggage! It's so heavy. lol


Mel said...

I think all your luggage weighs more than you, lol.

Camille said...

U wear that backpack mikey! Ps I wore the facoste polo u got me yesterday and the bracelet from the pi. Happy training!