Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Communicating with me in Burkina Faso

Sadly, I have to make this entry short because there are people waiting for the computers...I'm still at Philly and will be leaving in a matter of hours for Burkina Faso! Staging at Philly was good because I got to meet everyone and am getting a good vibe about this group. We come from all over the U.S. (me and another guy are representing California! Haaaay!) so it's all goooood.

I want to write another entry on the most amazing, drunken, cry-fest, laugh-fest farewell weekend but alas, I must save it for another day (hopefully with pictures)!

Anyway, communicating with me in Burkina Faso:

  • Blog:
    Check this often! This will be my main way of communicating with you.
    And please comment too!
  • Mailing Address (during training): Michael Berino, PCT
    S/c Corps de la Paix
    01 B.P. 6031
    Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso
  • When sending letters:
  • Always write “Par Avion/Air Mail”
  • Send letters often and please number them so I know if I’m missing something (same goes with packages)!
  • Use red ink when addressing my name (apparently, they’re superstitious in West Africa)
  • Never mail postcards – put them in envelopes or I will not get them
  • When sending packages:
  • Do not be truthful on customs forms! Put “educational materials” or “hygiene products”
  • Use padded envelopes as much as possible to cut the cost of fees on both ends
  • If using a box, use the USPS flat rate boxes
  • E-mail: ---------------
    I’ll try to respond to e-mails. All of this depends on when I have Internet access (once a week, two weeks, month…who knows?). So your best bet to communicate with me is via blog comments and letters!
  • Skype: ----------
  • Cell Phone: Will let you know when I get one in country (check the blog!); I’ll probably only be able to communicate via texting and if I have reception where I am.
Please remember that training (3 months) will be hectic and busy so if you don't hear from me in a while, please know that I'm okay. Someone said it best when they said in the Peace Corps, "no news (from headquarters) is good news!" So I'll be fine. =)
Again, thanks for all the love and support. Special thanks goes out to all of my loved ones (friends [especially all you cuties that came from LA] and family) that made it out to any of my farewell weekend activities. Truly, I am blessed and only wish the same for everyone else in the world. =)
Lastly, Mom and Dad...this one's for you!

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