Friday, March 19, 2010

New haircut: the faux-hawk has just arrived in Burkina Faso

Ahhh yes! After months of growing out my hair, I've decided to cut it once again. Partially because all my friends back home are telling me to cut it, partially because it's getting hot and having long hair is becoming harder to maintain, and partially because I'm all for change.

One of my friends here, Gwen, has graciously offered to cut my hair. For those of you that know me, hair is very important to me. It sounds superficial but we all have our things. Mine just happens to be hair. So we blasted music (Lady Gaga's 'Telephone,' anyone?) and had a good time. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

The BEFORE picture. With old photos of me to give Gwen an idea.

Mid-cut. I love it!

Sweeping up the mess. I have so much hair, it's insane.

With the wonderful stylist herself. Mind you, she did this with a pair of scissors. No electric shaver or anything. She's genius!


MeganElizabeth said...

Good call on the hair cut! Looks great! Gwen did a great job! Kuddos!

MeganElizabeth said...

You could try out for the Burkina Faso football team! David Beckham anyone...??!! I heard Becks got injured and won't be playing in the World Cup this summer... very sad, indeed! What are your plans for the World Cup?!