Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving, Part Deux.

At the end of last week, I had my VAC (Volunteer Advisory Committee) meeting in Ouaga. Really productive but also an excuse to take a little vacay from site. =)

Currently, I'm at the Bobo-Dioulasso Peace Corps office, recovering from what was one of the most delicious meals I've had here in Burkina Faso! This past Saturday I got the chance to celebrate a (late) Thanksgiving fête with 30 other volunteers...good food (turkey, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, apple pie -- you name any traditional American dish, we more than likely had it), good drinks (you can't really go wrong with a cold bottle of Brakina beer), good music & dancing but most importantly, good company! There were a good number of people from my training group so it was like another mini-reunion.

I think I've talked enough about family in my last entry so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...special thanks to Anne-Marie and Devin who I borrowed these pictures from. Voilà!
The three of us cutting potatoes for Devin & Colette's mashed potatoes. Hollaaaa.
The three of us again. Attached to the hip. We're all wearing jeans!
The delicious smorgasboard of Thanksgiving food. Oh maaan.
Fellow 'CaliBoy' (hah!) Coleman and I eating up a storm. This was actually a candid of me...and I look horrible. Wow.
Cheers to my first Thanksgiving in another country!

Other things to look forward to: Inter-Service Training (IST) for a week in Ouaga followed by Christmas in Ghana! What whaaaat!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to download the pictures. It looked like an incredible meal! I was able to cut,paste and e-mail the pictures to friends and family. Have a wonderful Christmas in Ghana. Stay Health and Safe Travels!!
Warmest Regards,
Colette's mom, Jeanne

Sable :) said...


I just checked and your package was out of Burkina Faso customs Dec. 10th so I should get to you hopefully sometime soon. I am also planning to write you a letter because so much has happened even since I sent your package LOL. MISS you! hope you are well.

iciwici said...

dude, one of your peace corps friends TOTALLY looks like gina. is that the friend you were talking about? and that dinner looked super fun and delicious! i'm glad you're enjoying yourself! also, your hair = lookin good

p.s. have you received our package yet? hope you like it ;p

ian said...

sorry, i have yet to read this but i just realized that your "tagline" for this is "read it and comment often" which is quite similar to the silk soymilk's "drink and buy often" .. G*d i'm fat for knowing that. hahahahaha