Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting the ball rollin'...

I only have 7 minutes left at the Internet place and I'm in Gaoua for a quick minute. But I just want to say hi and that I'm doing well. Internet access is hard where I live but all is well.

I've been getting busy by observing classes, particularly at the Lycée (high school) about 3km from my house...more details on that later but I'm observing because I really want to start an English Club in the near future, hopefully by January 2010. I'm also going to be observing classes at the Primary School near my house soon to start meeting the students and get some project ideas running through my head.

It's truly becoming my home and I'm adjusting more and more everyday. More detailed blog later when I get the chance! Love and miss you all.


Angelo D. Ignacio said...

it was glad to hear from you, kuya mikey! happy birthday month, and i hope you enjoy it overseas. =)

Sable :) said...


I got your letter :) It literally made my weekend. I read a little everyday just to stretch it out. I will be sending another letter/ package soon (so it can arrive before Christmas) But wanted to let you know I love you, I miss you, and I am SO proud of you!

Sable "Let's be pen pals forever" Manson