Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My package wish list (and a new mailing address)!

So I've only been at site for about 3 weeks but damn do I have cravings for things...which is why I stock up on many things in Ouaga that I can't get at my site. But that isn't enough for someone like me with a high metabolism who snacks/eats every hour!

First things first, I got a new mailing address! So send mail here instead of my Ouaga address. A few of us volunteers in my region got a PO box in our provincial capital, meaning I can check mail as often as once a week, making it a quick day trip!

Michael Berino
BP 54
Burkina Faso
(West Africa)

Very simple! Please number letters/packages so I'll know if something's missing. And if you're sending packages, claim simple things on the Customs form, like "educational materials" or "personal hygiene supplies."
Aaaaand now, for my wish list!!
  • LONG LETTERS with pictures (don't forget to number these!) - I wanna hear what's going on in your life and everyone else
  • MAGAZINES! -- The Economist, Time, Newsweek, People, GQ (I need to know what's going on in the world!)
  • SALTY SNACKS/etc.: Cheez-Its, Goldfishes, beef jerky/Slim Jim's, tuna (in aluminum, vacuumed sealed packets), small condiment packets (ketchup, parmesan cheese), Spam singles
  • SWEET SNACKS/CANDY: Twix, Sour Patch Kids, plain M&M's, Snickers, Crunch, Heath Bar, caramel and nut chewy candies, gummy bears/worms, strawberry belts, Crystal Lite/Propel On-The-Go thin packets for bottled water, Almond Roca
  • HEALTHY SNACKS: pretty much anything from Trader Joe's, especially dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, apples, etc.), fruit leather, trail mix, granola bars (especially the Nature's Valley with the green packaging).
  • FOR THE KIDS TO USE/ENCOURAGE THEM: thin coloring markers (Crayola, Pentel), stickers, hard candies (like Jolly Ranchers)

Bottom line: FOOD!! Magazines. Letters. Things for the kids to use for drawing/coloring and candies to give away.



Kimberly said...

MIKEY!!! I just read your caught up on over a month's worth of blog posts, and now feel very caught up with your PC adventures in Africa. Please keep posting pics, I LOVE seeing snapshots of your life in Africa. And I think you should DEFINITELY get a pet. I still remember the day you bought Gucci to your Hannon apartment. HAHA those were the days. I will work on sending you something via snail mail. I work for stationary company now and find myself looking for people to mail stationary to. Can't wait to continue reading more blog posts. MISS YOU!!!! Much love, Kim Chow

iciwici said...

Miss you, Michael! I'm going to try and send you a letter soon. I love your blog and I hope you're doing well, though I'm sure you are punching all potential challenges in the face (because you're superMichael). Ta-ta!

Gina said...

ooh, girl! I miss you so much baby boo! hahah. I've been missing your blaccent! We need to travel to Europe together when you get back from Africa! I'm going to have to remember to send you a letter and some goodies! It's too important to forget.

Anonymous said...

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